torek, 24. februar 2015


Opatija is an elegant tourist destination situated in the Gulf of Kvarner under the Učka mountain in Primorje-Gorski Kotar country. It is an ideal choice for a vacation in summer and winter season. The beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, tended parks, hotels and old Austrian villas, seaside promenade and beaches attract tourists from Europe and around the world for more than 160 years.

In Roman times, the area was home to several patrician villas. The person who first discovered the beautiful Opatija was Iginio Scarpa, a merchant from Rijeka who built his holiday home here in 1844 and named it the Villa Angiolina. This event marked the beginning of tourism in Opatija. The place started intensely developing under the supervision of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Several important facilities were built alongside the first Hotel Quarnero - a pavilion with indoor pool for warm sea baths, a bathing place with separate areas for men and women, and the 12 kilometre long coastal promenade from Volosko to Opatija and further to Lovran. After World War Two, Opatija's tourism became more orientated to the hosting of conventions and the summer season.

The most important attractions are Villa Angiolina, Saint James's Church, Maiden with Seagull, Hotel Kvarner, Opatija's Sculptures, Swiss House, Juraj Šporer Arts Pavilion, Lungomare, Park Angiolina, Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation, Saint James Park, Open Air Theatre of Opatija, Croatian Walk of Fame, Opatija's Market Hall, Opatija's small harbour and other.